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FuckUp Nights are launched in Taipei!

Here it is not about which great achievements you have made as an entrepreneur but how hard you have failed. Taking place for the first time in 2012 in Mexico City, it has since grown into a monthly event where stories are shared over beers, and then a fast-growing global movement of learning from failure stories in over 150 cities worldwide.

Taipei is granted the official license in December 2015. The organizers kicked off the monthly gathering since February 2016. The concept evolved from a mezcal-infused conversation between five friends who felt the need to break free from the stigmas surrounding “failure.” As fellow entrepreneurs and soon-to-be fuckupreneurs, they deeply believed in communicating failure as a positive step everyone must overcome on the road to success.

Every FuckUp Nights event features different speakers such as artists, architects, or green and social entrepreneurs, who share their story in 10 images. What was the project? What went wrong? What did they learn? What would they do differently? This is followed by a Q&A session, and at the end of the speakers stories, there is time for networking and drinks.

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