Please ensure that you have carefully read the Become a Fuckupper FAQ before completing our form in English, Spanish or French.

What's a Fuckupper?

A Fuckupper is a local Fuckup Nights representative who is responsible for organizing events, growing the community and sharing the failure in his/her city. They are part of a global movement that work to free people from negative perceptions of failure.

How can I become a Fuckupper?

In order to be a Fuckupper, you need to first become a member of our global community and to do this, there is an application process. You’re already on the right path.

I want to bring Fuckup Nights to my company, conference or university, how can I do this?

Please travel over to this page for more information.

What’s the name of Fuckup Nights’ mascot?

We’re so pleased that you asked, our Mascot is Fuckuppin, you’ll be asked about it later so remember the name. You know the saying “It’s not what but who you know that matters.”

Do I have to follow the format?

Yes! Fuckup Nights always follows the set format. See above…

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, there is an annual fee. And you shouldn’t worry. That’s the only fee Fuckup Nights will charge.

What can I expect from Fuckup Nights?

-A drive full of materials (manuals, posters etc), an email address, a city page on our website, a ticketing platform and much more.

-Your own movement coordinator (your friend in failure), to provide you with your initial training and be a phone call or email away from helping you to share the failure.

-Opportunities to Fuckup the System from the inside. Fuckup Nights Global organize events and workshops inside companies and conferences, for these we often ask for assistance from our Fuckuppers and if we do, we’ll provide you with financial compensation.

Ok that’s all clear, where do I sign?

The next step is to complete the application form (link below). We’ll review it and get back to you within 48 working hours.
If “successful” we’ll invite you for a video call, this is an informal interview (Fuckup Nights style), where we’ll get to know each other a little before making a decision about moving forward.

Good Luck!

Who can become a Fuckupper?

Any individual (or team of individuals) who is personally motivated to make a positive impact on people by leading a community who works towards breaking the stigma of failure in a city.

Can my company/agency/co-working become Fuckuppers?

At Fuckup Nights we only grant memberships to individuals, your company can support you by providing a venue or sponsorship but, if you leave your current workplace, you take the membership with you.

There is already a Fuckup Nights chapter in my city, can I become a Fuckupper too?

We grant exclusivity to one Fuckupper per city, if you’re really interested in getting involved please send an email introducing yourself to [email protected] we’ll put you in touch with the local Fuckupper.

How much of a commitment do I need to make?

We ask every Fuckupper to commit to at least one year and 4 events (one per quarter) If you want to organize more, that’s great!

What type of event can I organize with this membership?

The events must be stand-alone (not organized as part of another event, conference, festivals etc) and open to the public.

Do Fuckup Nights HQ have any other expectations?

We expect you to follow our guidelines and to have honest and open communication with your Movement Coordinator and the global team.


Can I monetize Fuckup Night events?

Yes you can, although this should not be your main motivation. You can sell tickets, merchandise and seek sponsorships to cover your costs and compensate for your effort. We ask that you keep the prices accessible.
Fuckup Nights is about inclusivity not exclusivity.

Ok, great, I’ll just scroll down to the application form….
No, please don’t, before completing the form, read through this Q&A carefully and decide if you really think we’re a good match for each other.

HINT: Time and time again partnerships fail because on day one expectations were not properly communicated and aligned (we learned this from our story-tellers). Let’s not Fuck this up.


At Fuckup Nights we strongly believe in equal opportunities, if you’re a human then we’ll be very happy to receive your application. The information requested in this form helps us to build, maintain and understand the diversity of our movement.

Any decision to take your application to the next stage will be based on the answers you provide to the open questions, be honest, be creative, be FUN.

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