Author: Jutta Jerlich

29. October 2019 – an evening as perfect as it can be

It is always a surprise how a new set of speakers and their stories work out as a set. As an organizer it is key to know who will speak first, second and third. As our community tells me, I have a lucky hand in this choice.

This review is tradition (which I am sometimes late to add but thanks to technology you won´t notice :-)) ), here are our speakers:

Jürgen Leonhardsberger

Jürgen Leonhardsberger

He describes himself as a visionary, lateral thinker and is a Swiss entrepreneur and inspirator. After sales and management positions Jürgen set up his own company, the Knödel Factory. Starting with CHF 20.- seed capital he today produces nearly 100’000 Knödel a year and sells it to a variety of customers all over Switzerland. The media call him
“Steve Jobs of Knödel” as he also started his business in his garage.
Whatever he does, he does it with passion and joy

Don`t plan for what everybody tells you: nobody will eat Knödel

From the first Street Food Festival he attended to the Swiss Indoors two years later, every lesson makes you and your business better.

Cathrine Pauli

Cathrine Pauli

She considers herself as a “in-betweener”. She belongs to the generation who has grown up without a computer as well as to the one who cannot live without digital connection. She loves innovation and is fascinated by the opportunity the digital transformation and globalization brings. Her story brought as all back to the fact the life in corporates is not worth loosing your health. 2019 she founded the start-up “act n’age” and is currently developing the new food delivery concept “Chez Mà”.

Take a regular time-out. Not a holiday with your family. A time-out for yourself.

With Swiss parents Cathrine was born in Denmark, has grown up in Germany und the U.S., studied at the ETH and at the HEC in Paris. She holds a Master in Architecture, a Master in Business Administration and a CAS in Gerontology.

Carl Emerson

Carl Emerson

A yogi, photographer and graduate of the friendzonedforlife school of personal relationships he brings storytelling and humour to every encounter. He started out as a bench chemist, a number of seemingly random decisions led to him occupying a series of increasingly senior ‘bullshit’ jobs in different companies, before finally finding his feet in Basel with his own business.

It`s weird not to be weird. Embrace all screwballs and superpowers!

He is a meeting facilitator, softskills trainer and executive coach passionate about the next generation, particularly women, stepping into a place of effective personal leadership. To that end he spends many hours volunteering and teaching to help make this occur.

So grateful you were able to speak, even with having had a biopsy on your leg that day !!!!

Thank you to Cindy, my dear expert speaker coaching partner and time keeper, Michael Lohse from Maler Lohse for setting up our Apero.

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich


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