The Failure Institute’s Data Partners

As Fuckup Nights and the Failure Institute keep growing, we have learned by experience the power of working with others in pursuit of common goals. Nothing is as rewarding as an achieved objective where multiple actors benefit from it. Such is the case of our Data Partners at the Failure Institute. It is through them that we are able to reach new communities and individuals. Their experience adds new ways to communicate our mission and increase the cases of business failures into our open-public platform: The Global Failure Index.
Our data partners cross natural and artificial borders, through their social media, newsletters and campaigns they search for entrepreneurs with a fuckup story to be told. The result: thousands of stories transformed into trends and data that are not only analyzed by the Failure Institute, but also by our Network of Failure Researchers.
Overmore, our Data Partners received a personalized report on the particularities and trends of their communities. For example, Espacio Empresarial has shared with us that these type of reports serve them as material for their own workshops and conferences as the information within these reports has real-life cases. 
For its part, Startup Weekend will share this report with incubators, organizations and policymakers to better support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Distilled Innovation sees the report as an opportunity to generate content for their news column and enrich their innovation courses.
We are constantly expanding our network of allies. If you are an organizations that supports entrepreneurship in any way (events, workshops, media, consulting, etc.), we would be delighted to work with you! Send us an email to [email protected]