Find your edge, fail

“Find your edge,” said no one to me ever. Had I learned to challenge the fears I held deep down inside me from an earlier age, I might have learned to harness what I was truly capable of becoming.

I now place extra focus on removing mental blocks to my freedom. Those being: stigmas, perceptions, myths, prejudices and yes, failure.

I like to define failure as the first attempt in learning. To fail is really about holding the right mindset in order to overcome adversity.

Life at the edge is never as it seems.

Osmosis tell us so, as does failure.

Unfortunately we have been taught to walk away in shame as soon as we hit a wall, questioning our capacities and values. What most people are afraid of is what others will think of them. We are constantly afraid of doing things, not for the fear of not accomplishing them, but out of the fear of our reputation. If we change the way we perceive failure and the narrative around it, we could become a much more creative and healthy society.

Changing our perceptions of failure at an individual level means we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, which in turn means we can be more transparent about our experiences, which can be used to learn and teach others.

Eventually this will increase our sense of freedom and belonging, reducing the barriers to try new things. It is in these conditions that people can be happier, not only at work, but with their personal lives because they no longer feel the need to wear masks. #lifewithoutfilters

As a society

I think a root cause of a lot of issues in organisations, especially in governments, come from their need to hide a mistake. This is why we need to get rid of the stigma around failure; imagine how different things could have been if people were able to come clean and learn from their mistakes. Decisions free from ego, pride and shame eventually preventing them all-together.

Once you have created environments where people can be vulnerable and transparent, you enable resiliency at all levels in society. In these environments individuals and organisations become resilient because importance is placed on picking themselves up, not keeping each other down. Collective healing rituals that give way to a future where we are free to explore and harness our true potential.

Sometimes failure is a limitation to us, to society, to humanity; and as finding your edge is about boundaries, failure is a tool.

Julio Salazar

Julio Salazar

Chief Operating Officer

Serial entrepreneur, highly skilled at failing and getting back up again. Thrives at the intersection of business, culture and impact, where he has cofounded global organizations made in Mexico with love. He believes we can detoxify the corporate cultures our parents had to endure through transparency, resiliency and creativity. Ask him how his heart is to provoke meaningful conversations, preferably with a strong drink in hand.