The Fuckup Knowledge research

Fuckup Knowledge (formerly The Failure Institute) is the research arm of Fuckup Nights. Given the increasing amount of documented cases of failure of which we had access, we assumed both the mission and the responsibility to share that information through studies and publications with the disruptive style that has always characterized us.

Our mission is clear: We want to help decision makers make better-informed decisions on businesses, academia, and public policies.

Why does Fuckup Knowledge exist?

Literature is extensive in entrepreneurship and business topics; however, the focus is centered on case studies of success. Business failure as such, has been underestimated as an object of study in several papers. This situation has created an information shortfall in databases and case studies. Our objective is to encourage the study of this subject, and understand the relevance that documenting and researching failure has.

Here’s some of our investigations:


Some infographics: