In Numbers 2021

This year we shared…

Thanks to our resilient Fuckuppers (organizers) around the world, present in:

Fuckup moment #1

Our global presence was reduced by -22% since the pandemic hit the events industry in 2020. Ouch!

Looking on the bright side, 2022 seems to be more optimistic, and we have available cities waiting for their organizers: New York, Chicago, London, Reykjavik, Santiago, Maputo, Atlanta, Austin, Montevideo, Asuncion, and many more!

Check out if your city is available and become a Fuckupper!

However, our community remains strong and resilient. And thanks to organizers, speakers, and attendees, we had more than 232 public and private events in many formats: digital, in-person, and hybrid.

In other words, more than…


Thank you all for being part of Fuckup Nights and getting back to the new normal with the necessary measures so we could see our faces again, laugh together and share the failure.

This year it was all about healthy workspaces:


was the most recurring theme that our clients chose to discuss at their private Fuckup Nights events and workshops.


We want to thank all those companies that trusted us and took Fuckup Nights to their work teams to strengthen their organizational culture and learn about failure and innovation.

This 2021 we had 82 workshops and private Fuckup Nights events.


Fuckup moment #2

It wasn’t all hunky-dory. There are no bad clients, but there are misunderstandings.

This year we learned the importance of being loyal to our essence, what makes us Fuckup Nights, planning our proposals better, and knowing how to identify red flags.

And despite a couple of inconveniences along the way, we broke a record this year:

And without compromising confinement 😉

And we started a couple of interesting projects:


Failure Culture survey: Our survey to diagnose how teams relate to failure and manage innovation opportunities.

Mujeres Sin Filtro: A series of events by and for women about stories of entrepreneurial failure. This 2021 we launched the hybrid kick-off event, thanks to a partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, which will make it possible to have more events throughout 2022.

And last but not least.

We’d like to thank our virtual community. We thank each and every one of them:


Who made it possible to have our most-read blog of the year and our most-watched video on Watch.

Fuckup moment #3

Once again, this year, we lost some battles against Facebook. We had to launch several ad attempts on Facebook to promote our anniversary event and the launch of Mujeres Sin Filtros.

6 ads were rejected by the algorithm. The unexpected side effects of being called Fuckup Nights… 

Wishing you a “successful” 2022