He shoots, he (doesn‘t) score

It’s July and that means the World Cup is in full swing. And like any football fans, it’s been dominating our office conversations.
So we thought, why not look at some of our favorite World Cup fails?

1994, USA

Brazil vs Italy Final

In a tight match that came down to penalty kicks, Italy’s Roberto Baggio, sporting a haircut that does not age well (seriously, Google it, it’s wild) hands the match to Brazil because he overshoots the net. By like, a lot.

2010, South Africa

England vs USA

In what cost them the game, England’s goalkeeper Rob Green completely fumbled a very tame shot by USA’s Clint Dempsey. It’s extremely painful to watch, and watching his apology to England fans is even more painful.

2018, Russia

Winner Predictions

Each year, UBS and other banks run competing models and simulations to try and determine who is going to win that year. Unfortunately, they’re not always correct, as in 2017 UBS ran 10,000 simulations to predict that Germany would take it home. They’ve since suffered a 2-1 loss to South Korea and have been kicked out of the World Cup.
See you on the pitch!