How Did We Change The Way We Do Email

We’re using SendGrid for free and we freaking love it.

It’s been over a year now since we joined the SendGrid Startup program Accelerate which provided Fuckup Nights with a free account for our monthly newsletters and transactional emails – and it’s really changed the way we do email.

We’re not coding ninjas in any form, so we faced several challenges during this journey to get where we wanted. We had to whitelabel our lists, create different opt-ins, stick codes into the body of our newsletters, create automatations through different kinds of APIs, integrate our lists with different contact sources, and develop more complex structures to simplify our processes.

Of course there were a number of fuckups along the way, but ultimately we’ve really elevated our mailing processes during these past few months.

Kudos to the SendGrid Support team for always being there to help us. We’ve probably been a real pain for them with all our requests so far, but they’ve always been incredibly  supportive and ultimately get us where we wanted to be.

If you’ve been facing similar challenges when it comes to getting a bit more serious about email, the good news is that SendGrid is still helping startups make email simple and cost-effective with the Accelerate program.

If you want to join the SendGrid Startup program Accelerate, apply here  and receive some kick ass free benefits. Here’s the list 🙂


– Free SendGrid services for 12 months 
– Mentorship in product, business and technical 
– Introductions and connections from within the SendGrid network 
– Access to early releases of new SendGrid products and beta programs 
– Workshops on aspects of email best practices and other areas of digital communications 

Apply SendGrid Accelerate