How to New Years #HumbleHustle like a pro

Ahh New Years. A time for people to look back on the year. A time to think about the future. A time to post something motivational on LinkedIn.

But finding the perfect mix of humble, I’m killing it, and please buy my thing can be a challenge! Fear not though friends, we have you covered with this step-by-step manual on how to show everyone you’re living your best New Years life on LinkedIn.

It’s time to #humblehustle your ass off:

Step 1: Say the amount of years ago that you decided to: build a business, do something crazy, start living for yourself.

Step 2: Talk about how absurd it sounded at the time, and how you were oh so crazy to leave: a stable job, a high-paying career, somebody’s dream job.

Step 3: Talk about how you rationalized making this rather earth-shattering decision. End with that you could go “always go back to a regular job” if it didn’t happen.

Step 4: On it’s own line say “But that’s not what happened!”

Step 5: Talk about that by doing something vague and obvious you made it work. (focusing on the customer, delivering value, hustling)


Step 6: Put in the amazing successes you’ve accomplished. If no success has been accomplished, put in something about learning a lot and growing as a person.

Step 7: Talk about how it’s not always great: it’s a rollercoaster, it’s not always roses, it has its ups and downs. But, you wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

Step 8: Say here’s to another (number of years you’ve been doing the thing)

Step 9: Add in: PS, by the way, also. Then proceed to add a plug to the business, service, life coach product.

Step 10: Post to LinkedIn and watch the likes and comments come in.


So there you have it, now you’re ready to be an inspiration to everyone on LinkedIn. Cue the DiCaprio glass raising GIF, here’s to 2020!

Jason Connell

Jason Connell

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Jason is an editor and content creator at Fuckup Nights. Having fallen flat on his face multiple times, he’s incredibly passionate about changing the perception around vulnerability and honesty in our professional lives. Starting to learn more about film and comedy, he hopes to one day marry these passions into something that touches a worldwide audience.