⚡ Bzzt ⚡ incoming message from the future

We’ve officially hit the half-way point for the year, and what a year it has been! Thank you all for being part of this extended family and pushing forward in your local community to help others live life without filters. This has inspired us to write a blogpost where we hypothetically talk from the future of June 2019… strap on your dildos, uhm… seatbelts, here we go…


In this future, we imagine…

  •  Our HQ team has collaborated with 3 fuckuppers in different countries to ensure their president will share their failure stories, annually. (we’re looking at you, Trump)
  • In order to expand the reach of Fuckup Nights, we will be working on different media collaborations that drive home our counter-culture vibe and rebelliousness — maybe a “life without filters” podcast? (oooh! foreshadowing!)
  • Our 250 Fuckuppers around the world will wake up to a framed picture of the entire FUN family chilling on a terrace with the colonial rooftops of Lisboa in the background, drunk with happiness after an amazing and inspiring global gathering that set us free.
  • The Failure Institute team will be trading business cards of different government officials whom they have helped create public policies that help entrepreneurs eliminate the BS of the “system” and focus on doing crazy, incredible businesses.
  • Capitalism will be a much better place – more resilient, vulnerable and transparent because of the values we build into local communities and leaders of organizations. most importantly, our parents will not understand what we do, but they’ll be in love with WHY we are doing it.

Maybe this will take two years, our point is to grab your hoverboards and help us make this future possible!