Nina Hastie share her personal and vulnerable life story

She explained that being good with people was what helped her land the job. You’ll see when you hear her story.

Nina Hastie opens up and shares her life story, including academic frustration, toxic relationships, and alcohol, a lot of alcohol. Watch her story, hear the difficulties she had to go through, in an atmosphere so intimate it’s as if we’re on a psychologist’s couch.

The story: I didn’t realize how this disappointment would have such a major impact on my personality

“I was a very bright kid, my parents identified me as a gifted child at a very young age and they sent me to an after-school center – where I got to do grade nine physics when I was in grade four-. I had a radio show by the time I was 13, I got my junior black belt in karate and was a world champion by the time I was 14.

At the end of my 11th grade it was time to announce the Prefects. In South Africa Prefects are basically your top students, who are identified by the teachers as students with sort of leadership skills.

I was like Hermione Granger and Harry Potter at the same time. I was exceptionally annoying. I had all these expectations of my family and of myself, but I was not chosen as head girl.

It was the end of the universe because this is the kind of accolade that helps you get bursaries to go to university. My parents hadn’t put any money away for my university education, as it was always kind of expected that “Well… you know Nina will get a bursary she’ll go to Yale or whatever”. I didn’t realize that such a personal disappointment would have such a major impact on my behavior and my personality.”

Check out the full story in the video above.

“This is the kind of accolade that helps you get bursaries to go to university.”


Hilarious, smart, and inspiring. As actress, Nina Hastie has performed at numerous major theaters in the country such as at the Wits Theater, The State Theater, and Joburg Theater.

She worked with YFM and K-TV and also did voice-overs for feature-animated films such as The Adventures of Dick King and Bushfire Fairy Tales. In 2009, she was also one of the cast members in a show known as The Truth About You which talked about HIV.






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