Pepe Villatoro

Our historic fuck ups

Every December we share our worst and most painful failures of the year with our community in Mexico City. But in 2019 we decided to share a compilation of the historic Fuckup Nights’ fuck ups.

Pepe Villatoro, CEO of Fuckup Inc, took the mic and told them all: the loss of our most beloved partner, a beer company; the time we decided to launch our paid memberships around the globe; and the headaches of having a famous actor as a speaker.

The sound on the video, our fuck up ?.

The Fuck Up That Led Pepe to Fuckup Nights: A failed Content Platform

The Fuckup Nights’ story tells how 5 entrepreneurs shared their failure for the first time in Mexico City. This was one of the five fuck ups, a social enterprise.

A content platform where the community generates and votes for the best content, and jobs for people with special needs: It didn’t work as well as it sounds.


Pepe Villatoro has transitioned from employee to entrepreneur 3 times. On the way, he lost all his savings and assets … twice.

Today he is co-founder and CEO of Fuckup, a social company that seeks to free people from the paradigms that limit them. Fuckup Nights has events in 330 cities in 90 countries and works with multinationals to create changes in mentality and culture.






Fuckup Nights es un movimiento global presente en más de 300 ciudades. Todos los meses organizamos eventos en todo el mundo donde oradores comparten las historias detrás de sus cagadas profesionales, utilizando el fracaso para fomentar conversaciones difíciles, vulnerables y significativas. Las historias de negocios fallidos, relaciones comerciales que terminaron amargas, los productos que tuvieron que ser retirados del mercado. Contamos todas esas historias.