Triggering your brain: learn new things (and eat chocolate)

This time of the year  is the perfect time for setting up your 2020 goals. Losing weight, reading more, putting an end to wasting time on crappy people (and their BS), among others.

Well, I started off a bit early this year.

A few months ago I went on a personal quest of learning  how the brain works, especially when it’s challenged by outside triggers… What happens when we set up up a huge goal? What sort of chemicals do we release and how do we get them when we need them the most?

The 30 day Learning Challenge:

As I dug more into how the brain functions, and what makes us “smarter”, I discovered  more about the chemicals that are released in our brain that can help us become more focused, happier, and more prepared when dealing with challenges.

Dopamine is both a hormone and neurotransmitter (in the brain). When these two chemicals are in the brain (acting as a neurotransmitter) they play a greater role in motivation, goal-oriented tasks, reward-oriented behaviour, etc.

There’s lots of ways to get dopamine (legally of course, not as a drug or “pleasure chemical”) naturally within your body, all by creating external “triggers”. And one of them is learning new things.

The feeling of being more capable, prepared and “smart” can help release dopamine in your brain that keeps you motivated, focused and confident. One way to have this up and running quickly is to have a “30 day learning challenge”. Basically, it involves  setting up a goal of learning something new, each month. Another good thing about this is that it creates habits. And the more you tackle these challenges, the more you train your body and mind to accomplish new things.

Your Mind & Dark Chocolate

Of course, these are baby steps. Please bear with me as I started by reading “Neurotransmitters” in wikipedia. But I LOVED the fact that this whole project was proving its own point (The more I learnt, the more capable I felt, and the more chemicals were released in my brain).

There’s lots of ways of getting your neurotransmitters when you need them. For example serotonin (the neurotransmitter of “happiness” and “well being”)  is helpful when you’re feeling down. And Dark chocolate is a really great (and tasty) way to level up the serotonin in your brain (which is why I eat tasty stuff when I’m feeling down 😉

 This is not about treating yourself like a monkey who just learnt how to peel a banana. This goes beyond positive reinforcement by operant conditioning.

 It’s more about understanding the role of these chemicals in your brain, and the endless possibilities of using learning something new as the single most powerful weapon you have to reach your 2020 goals.

Norman García

Norman García

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