Fuckup Nights

Year In Review 2019

This year we lived life without filters in…

We failed most in New York*

*We talked to 36 potential fuckuppers, but we don’t have an organizer yet.

In France more people are talking about vulnerability and authenticity*

*We grew from 1 fuckupper in 2018 to 10 fuckuppers in 2019.

We send and received 377,582 emails, and

had 42,120 minutes of calls with our community.

We told…

465 stories were told inside companies, at our Private Events.

7,659.7 minutes of these stories were streamed on our Youtube channel.

And 1 daily sex message arrived to our inbox.


…that means 100,000 attendees, incalculable 

liters of beer, a lot of dogs, and a cat in our events.

Social Media Reach

Although algorithms hate our name, we LOVE the online community that continue to follow us!

Thank you to the 129,955 Social Media followers and the 146,695 Newsletter Subscribers.

From Fuckup Nights to Fuckup Inc

During 2019 we launched Fuckup Inc, the new umbrella organization under which we run our 3 business units: Fuckup Nights, Fuckup Enterprise, Fuckup Media.

Our Organizational Culture

This year our culture got stronger. We had two team retreats, created our 5 organizational values, and strengthened our cultural rituals: FUN Fridays (weekly conversations where we share and learn our life experiences) and team lunches.

And not only in Mexico City, but also in Mallorca, where we opened our European office! 

 New Services

We didn’t know we could increase our impact in organizations until companies started to ask for new ways of collaboration. That’s how we began to develop new experiences: Failure Events, Workshops and tailored-made Culture Programs.

Thanks, Johnnie Walker, UNDP Mexico, Sanofi, Red Cross Peru, Obama Foundation and the 150 organizations that trusted us this year.

And the section you were waiting for…

our Fuckups

7th Anniversary

As every year, we organized our Anniversary event to set an example of good-quality stories. After a few weeks of hard-work, everything was  ready to  ̶s̶h̶i̶n̶e̶ fail. Long-short story: two speakers canceled their participation 24 hours before the event. 
Oh! And also, the audiovisual team arrived late to the event and we only recorded one of our speakers.

Fuckup vs. Zuckerberg

After publishing an investigation for Facebook Mexico, we thought we could fool their algorithms by changing our name to “Fvckup Nights” to do ads. It seemed that we had finally broken our curse (the F word in our name). A few days later, Facebook detected them and banned us, again.

Trying to play in the big leagues

For weeks, we analyzed the best strategy to increase our website visits to our written content. After going through different options, we decided that it was time to take our blog to big leagues: Medium.
So far, we have two likes: Our CEO and our Mkt & Comms Manager ?.

The research institute that studied failure, failed

After months of intensive therapy and many attempts to help the Failure Institute survive, we decided that it was time to let it go (for now).
The Think Tank that was supposed “to help decision-makers, governments, and academia to make better and more informed decisions” failed at deciding how to monetize its business model.

Wishing you Happy Holidays

and a “successful” 2020