Remember 2020? In the beginning, it appeared to be the start of a good year. Well, if you ignored the fact that World War III was about to break out [*], and that Australia was suffering from one of the worst wildfires in its history[*]. But you get the point. It seemed to be an average 21st century year. 

For us things felt pretty normal, with Fuckup nights events taking place in 300 cities and 90 countries. Organizing, on average:


Monthly offline events in the first 3 months.

Until Ms. Rona entered the game [*] and sounded the alarms, our events suddenly went to:




The COVID-19 outbreak changed the rules of the world. The way we traveled, how we behaved, and the way we gathered. Little by little many countries went into quarantine, Fuckup Nights events had to be canceled, and change their formats quickly.


Back then, the most affected country [*], and the first national online Fuckup Nights edition.


In April, while we all wondered if Kim Jong-un was still alive [*] , things just got worse…

More countries went into lockdown and:

Leisure activities globally reduced by


In LATAM [*]


In Europe [*]

And so did Fuckup Nights income:


of income reduction this year due to the pandemic.


Meanwhile COVID-19 was spreading to every corner of the world, people did what they had to do to survive lockdown…

Sales and consumption of alcohol increased


In the USA [*]


In Mexico [*]

(despite the government shortage) 

Not to give ourselves too much credit, but we contributed to these numbers with our online afterparties and events 😉

We just couldn’t believe what was happening. The events industry was being changed forever, for ourselves and events organizers around the world, it was an adapt or die situation.

In a matter of weeks we pushed for the future of events, like in Armenia, where the first virtual reality Fuckup Nights event was organized.


The world had realized how important virtual spaces are. Soon, social media platforms were presenting symptoms as well (pun intended), registering a:  


increase of usage, at Facebook, Twitch, Tik Tok & Youtube. [*]

Wanting to accelerate Fuckup Nights transformation and the boost that digital platforms were experiencing, we launched a digital subscription under the name of The Failure Institute, a digital platform for building stronger corporate culture through webinars, reports and articles. Ironically, The Failure Institute failed, lasting as a paid platform for just 5 months, before becoming a free-for-all content platform.


It wasn’t only  alcohol consumption and pijama usage that increased this year. Youtube and Netflix:

Increased their usage by a sizable


15.65% [*] 

Good for you, Youtube, good for you…

And speak of the devil, Youtube shut down our 10K subscriber channel. OUCH. The silver lining of this story was that we finally had the perfect excuse to launch Fuckup Watch, which we did a few months later. Our own video platform without censorship and scary algorithms.


But it wasn’t all that bad. Although as a company our main objective was to survive the year in an endangered industry, and the International Monetary Fund calculated a fabulous:


Economic growth this year… [*]

We’re enormously grateful to our partners who continue to trust us with bringing Fuckup Nights to their companies and our Fuckuppers (local event organizers) who found new ways to keep sharing the failure in their communities. You made it possible for us to still be here writing this traditional Year in Review for one more year.


In November we hosted our first Fuckup Nights Autism edition, a memorable event organized in the LATAM region. This helped us to reflect on the special editions that took place during the year, such as the LGBTQ+ Diverse and Women’s events, editions which were made possible by the lockdown and remote speakers. If we’re able to survive for another year, 2021 will be a year for diversity. We aim to achieve:


of Fuckup Nights events with more diverse speakers, not only in special editions.

That’s giving a space for women, diverse gender expressions, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, to share their failures. So make your voice heard. Let us know you want to become a speaker.





Total views of Fuckup Nights online events



Remote speakers sharing their failures


Awkward “You’re on mute” moments



Hours of online events

But specially…

Thank you, health care workers!
Thank you, BLM warriors!
Thank you, vaccine developers! (sorry, anti vax fans out there)
Thank you, losers around the world!

And thank you, for surviving this fucked up year with us!

We wish you a  happy  less fucked up 2021!