This Is Fuckup Inc

Failure is everywhere – in business, communication, technology, politics, art. But we’re constantly told that failure is wrong, that it’s shameful. 

Nobody talks about it… Well, we do. 

Fuckup, Inc. is a global movement ese tweet helps people break free from the paradigms that limit their lives. We use failure to encourage difficult, vulnerable, and meaningful conversations.

Fuckup, Inc. was created in Mexico in 2012 when five friends got drunk on mezcal and someone asked: “Why does everybody always talk about the Zuckerbergs and the Gates of the world, but no one ever shares their failures?” Since then, we’ve worked to share the failure through initiatives that challenge the status quo and transform failure into radical solutions that help people make better decisions: 

Fuckup Nights is a global community in more than 300 cities entre 90 countries where speakers share their stories of professional failure at monthly events. We help start conversations about vulnerability, authenticity, and empathy in local and academic communities.

Fuckup Enterprise works with corporations, NGOs, and governments alrededor del mundo para diseñar experiencias que cambien la cultura del trabajo. We are building safe environments where leaders embrace failure to encourage vulnerability and honesty in ways that foster innovative organizational cultures.

Fuckup Media creates content based on life’s B sides, sharing stories that are usually taboo.

We are a group of non-traditional creators and radical minds working together to forge new economic and cultural structures; members of a generation that is challenging the current system. 

 Join the movement. 

Share the failure. 

Fuck up the system.