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Speakers & Moderator  – Vol VIII Fuckup Nights Bucharest

January, 28 2021

Oana Rotariu has graduated the University of Mathematics and Informatics in Pitesti and she has a masters degree in Algorithms and Bioinformatic from Bucharest’s University. She also studied psychology in Bucharest’s University of Psychology and Social Sciences. She works now as an Agile Business Analyst and a Scrum Master at NN Asigurari de Viata (7y in this company).

Oana also loves fashion, so in her spare time she likes creating clothes and she is certified make-up artist. “I have my own blog and business Instagram with which I am trying to send a message to all the people that are going through a rough time in their lives. I’m a positive body advocate and I like listening and helping people so I do my best to find optimal solutions that helped me in the past and pass them on to anyone who is open”, says Oana.

She is an analytical person who loves working with people so she does think that these 2 universities helped her a lot in her current job, personal life and passions.

Cristi Dănileț is a Romanian judge since 1998. He has been adviser to the Minister of Justice for two years and member of the Superior Council of Magistracy for six years. He is currently working at the Cluj County Court, Romania, specialized in criminal matter. Frequently he speaks out about the independence of the judiciary and the judges’ and prosecutors’ responsibility.

He is the promoter of a national legal education project for scholars and students and the author of the first manual in this matter.

Dragoș Stanca is the founder of the publishing, b2b networking and digital transformation events platform UPGRADE 100 – built around the community of the former iCEE.fest festival, launched in 2012.

He is a majority shareholder of Thinkdigital (a marcom agency and online advertising network covering Eastern and Southern Europe) and partner in several other ventures: Project Agora (programmatic advertising), Tailwind (ad tech & mar tech), Oveit | Streams.Live (ticketing, payments, live shopping), Douleutaras (services marketplace). He’s also a business advisor, mentoring and investing in several tech startups.

Avi Cicirean is owner and general manager, Brand Minds Europe. Creative and self-motivated person. Emotional experience visionary. Sensory branding expert. Challenger, adaptable, sociable and funny. Former creative services director at Radio 21, Vibe FM and Radio Zu, former voice over and producer at Music Channel and Activ Band Romania, Avi (Flaviu) Cicirean has been, since August 2005, owner and creative director at Brand Emotion Bucharest and, since February 2017, owner and general manager at Brand Emotion Singapore.

Veronica Soare is a Communication and Artist graduate, storyteller, fundraiser and friend-raiser, winner of the JCI TOYP Romania 2016 competition – Ten Outstanding Young Persons in the Humanity / Volunteering category, TEDxCluj speaker, event presenter; She is the only manufacturer of customizable kaleidoscopes and facilitator of workshops on and about kaleidoscopes in Europe – KaleidoLove; Camino girl forever – #minunipeCamino – the best fundraising campaign on Galantom – 2017 – People for People Gala. Her purpose is to gather and tell stories about people and the world and to spread the good and beauty of this world, in any form.

MODERATOR: Julia Nagy, journalist 24IT & Europa FM with her own share of …fuck-ups.
Strong believer that tehnology can change our lifes: We decide how.

News&coffee addict.

A positive person on & off air. The rest are details.

What is Fuckup Nights (FUN)?


Fuckup Nights is a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure. We do it regularly, in some cases even each month, in events across the globe, when we invite three to four people to get up in front of a room full of strangers to share their own professional fuckups. And to tell the audience how they rejoined the big game. These are stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled.

Most of the stories have a happy end, but most importantly, all are valuable life lessons. And we tell each and every one of them.







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Doi antreprennori, un corporatist și trei profesioniști din sport, zona științifică, respectiv divertisment intră în arena Fuckup Nights București Vol II 

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