The biggest failures chosen by our community

The failure story behind the success of El Pulso de la República – Chumel Torres

Chumel Torres shares how the Pulse of the Republic was born and how he overcame the fear of moving forward following his passion as a communicator.

The Financial Failure of the Mexican Film Ana and Bruno – Roxana Alejo

Being one of the first 3D animated films in Mexico, it represented a milestone in the Mexican film industry but also placed it in a situation of great disadvantage in terms of financial support.

What is failure according to kids?

We gathered a bunch of children and asked them… What is failure? These are their answers.

A small typo in the poster of a big movie – Vica Garrido

She felt glorious but her ego did not let her notice a critical typographical error she had, and the poster ended up being distributed In whole Latin America

Losing the opportunity to sell in 450 million – Pablo Salazar

Pablo was invited to join as global marketing specialist for a venture in Latin america. Two weeks later he was trusted with 17 million dollars in his bank account.

Business growth will not last forever! – Karley Cunningham

Karley had a profitable business that was increasing growth every year, so she decided to moved to the shore, and invited her wife to join the business. But growth doesn’t always last.

Before co-founding Fuckup Nights – Leticia Gasca

Leticia Gasca failed at managing a social cause enterprise. After six years of keeping it as a secret, she decided to recognize her mistakes and let the world know her fuckup.

From rockstar to living with your mom – Daniel Benmergui

Daniel shares how it felt to go from feeling like a rockstar with a million dollar project to not being able to pay the rent, and being forced to move back in with his mother.