From rockstar to living with your mom!

Daniel shares with us how it felt to go from feeling like a rockstar with a million dollar project to not being able to pay the rent, and being forced to move back in with his mother. All of this after the failed development of his game Storyteller, which he had to leave in 2015 due to creative obstacles.

After the success and recognition of their previous games his ego was the size of Jupiter and he was convinced he had a multi million idea in his pocket. This leaded him to the decision of taking a leap and start living the life of an indie creator to create his next big project. After a year he realized maybe his was not living the dream nor taking the right decisions.

About the Speaker

Daniel Benmergui
Daniel Benmergui

Videogame Developer

Daniel Benmergui is an independent game designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, known for the creation of art games such as Today I Die, I Wish I Were the Moon, and Storyteller. Storyteller is a puzzle game where players must build stories and manage to form different scenes and endings, moving characters and cartoon elements from one vignette to another.


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