Life is not always so Instagrammable

Farina Situmorang is manager at Catalyst and she is also on the board of a beauty company. Catalyst provides consulting services for marketing, communications, and crisis strategy. They take on a lot of interesting projects, including those involving Blockchain technology.

She started her career in Indonesia, and I’ve always been working for technology companies, in marketing and sales roles. She started in IBM, Microsoft. Then she went to the United States for business school. After that, she moved to a company that you might still know, Blackberry in Canada, doing their strategy at corporate headquarters in Waterloo, Canada. Then she moved to San Francisco, where she worked for a small marketing automation startup. Following that, she worked for WhatsApp (acquired by Facebook). Now she is telling her Fuckup story.

About the Speaker

Farina Situmorang
Farina Situmorang


Farina Situmorang. Five years ago moved back to Indonesia and started a services company called Catalyst Strategy. Focusing on marketing and digital strategy, helping companies and even political clients in creating campaigns. In the last five years of her journey, I dabbled in a lot of other companies; by dabble, I mean starting three other companies.


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The stories of failed business, commercial relationships that ended sour, the products that had to be removed from the market. We tell everything without filters.