I thought I wanted to be the CEO

I am most discouraged by bureaucracy and formality. The worst piece of advice I was ever given is – Don’t work with them, they might steal your idea and replace you.

About the Speaker

Helen Wexler
Helen Wexler

Space Architect and Founder of BubbleBase

Helen’s genius can be found where architecture meets technology. She is founder and space architect of Bubble Base, an aerospace startup developing technology to 3D print housing on Mars for the NASA Centennial Challenge. She has served as architect in leading New York and Austria based firms before becoming a technology analyst in the VC industry. Helen holds a degree in Architecture from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design where she is Lecturer on “Technology Paradigms in Architecture.” She is a graduate of the MEET MIT Computer Science Program and Israel Academy of Arts and Sciences (outstanding honors) and has recently completed the International Space Studies Program as a Ramon Scholarship Fellow.


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