How to lose clients with a simple email

Josh Fineman Mattr.Media Co-founder & FUN London Chief Fuckupper share his failure story.

Josh was so desperate to build a successful business with his biggest ever client that he just ended up ruining the relationship with his actions.

Discover more failures and learn from the mistakes that have left us lessons the hard way!

Leaving vs living quarantine: Perspectives from UK and China

As China left confinement, the UK went into it… Check out this conversation between F*ckup Nights organizers from both countries.

How do you defeat an advertiser’s ego?

Put them in The F*ckup Nights Interrogation Chamber!

Khatu (Fuckup Nights Cape Town) challenged Josh (Fuckup Nights London) to a game of authenticity. The game had only one rule… be 100% authentic or drink. a tequila shot!

About the Speaker

 Josh Fineman
Josh Fineman

Chief Fuckupper for FUN London

I love the idea of creating a world where people live life based on who they want to be, not who they think they’re supposed to be.

I now meet people and brands I find interesting and work out how, if at all, I can help them. That may be an intro to others I know, it may be something I can personally support with. Or it may be nothing at all.


Fuckup Nights is a global movement that helps people break free from the paradigms that limit their lives. Every month we organize events around the world where speakers share the stories behind their professional fuckups, using failure to encourage difficult, vulnerable, and meaningful conversations.

The stories of failed business, commercial relationships that ended sour, the products that had to be removed from the market. We tell everything without filters.