My cryptocurrency frenzy led me to failure!

Over investing in Bitcoins led Mariana Dominguez Benetton, HR Partner at IBM, to a great story worth telling in our  Fuckup Night Vol. 85. 

Mariana Dominguez gave up her professional development and values for letting herself be swirled in the excitement that caused her to successfully invest in trading crypto-currencies with her partner’s advice. The adventures, the luxuries and the excesses did not finish until the day that their investments were in a rush. She had the opportunity to withdraw her money but the ambition was bigger.

About the Speaker

Mariana Domínguez
Mariana Domínguez

HR Partner at IBM

Business oriented talent development partner with experience in the IT industry, as talent developer, and learning & knowledge specialist and leader. Known for her analytics skills, coaching interventions, innovative talent development and performance improvement solutions that sustain the growth of the business.


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