I lost $100,000 dollars for choosing the right path

The time for the competition came and the camera followed me into the hall. The judges were already in their positions and I decided not to curb my emotions. 

Polo founded VESTI, a fashion and technology venture that was supposed to be “his dream”. He decided to present his idea in competitions with the objective of earning funds for investment and very soon he was in the middle of an international competition with the opportunity to win a prize of one million dollars. Everything was on the right path but six minutes before his pitch, he decided to change plans abruptly.


About the Speaker

Polo Attadía
Polo Attadía


Polo Graña, from the UADE Degree in Public and Institutional Relations and a member of the University’s Entrepreneurs Club. Its venture, VESTI, is a digital platform that allows you to design a dress and receive it in your home. From your cell phone, laptop or tablet you can navigate between the options and choose different types of: style, neckline, back, length and fabric. To finish, you select the size and buy it.



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