The Financial Failure of the Mexican Film Ana and Bruno

Roxana Alejo tells us the story of failure that she lived during the production of the animated feature film Ana and Bruno.  This talk was recorded during the DOQUMENTA Festival in collaboration with FuckupNights Querétaro – Seventh Art Edition.

Ana y Bruno is a Mexican animated film whose ambitious production was extended over ten years. Being one of the first 3D animated films in Mexico, it represented a milestone in the Mexican film industry but also placed it in a situation of great disadvantage in terms of financial support and sponsorships. At the beginning the panorama was very promising, since there was an excellent script and participation of the outstanding director Carlos Carrera, (winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes) but this was not enough for investors to support the film and after a long period without resources everything went down.

About the Speaker

Roxana Alejo
Roxana Alejo

Ana and Bruno's Producer

Roxana Alejo is a cultural manager and financial advisor with a long career in the seventh art industry. The movie “Ana and Bruno” tells us the story of a curious girl who escapes in search of her father in the hope of saving her mother. With the help of strange and fun fantastic beings, Ana will embark on a journey full of exciting and moving adventures.


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