The story behind the success of Chumel Torres

Chumel Torres shares how the Pulse of the Republic was born and how he overcame the fear of moving forward and following his passion as a communicator.

Chumel Torres first obtained notoriety during the Mexican federal elections of 2012, after he wrote a tweet about a proposal by one of the then presidential candidates Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a tweet which was retweeted by another presidential candidate. This gave him the opportunity to write columns for a weekly newspaper in Mexico City. The story takes a fun twist when he takes the decision to move on and live in the big city with no money.

About the Speaker

Chumel Torres
Chumel Torres


Chumel Torres is creator of El Pulso is a Mexican YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers that combines these elements to address issues of national and international interest with complete irreverence, mischief and freedom. He prefer to reach younger audiences and more technology experts through YouTube, with humor with a prominent political satire theme, focused on Latin America, specifically in Mexico.


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