A Psychological Safety Workshop for Your Team or Organization.

All our workshops can be live gatherings or online sessions.

What Do We Do

Psychological safety –being able to show one’s self without fear of negative consequences at work– is the number one characteristic of high-performance teams.

We facilitate interactive safe spaces where leaders put in practice the skills to build cultures of trust and mutual respect.

We are present in more than 300 cities and 90 countries.

Why Do It


Only teams built on trust are accountable and creative.
Deep and impactful conversations help you do business at the speed of trust.


Resilience is rallying teams together to adapt in the face of adversity.
In an era of unending change, resilience will determine your long-term success.


Long gone are the times of know-it-all gurus. Leaders need to spark bottom-up innovation by motivating people to speak up, try, and learn.

The fact that leaders of our organization share failures openly, showing themselves vulnerable, is the most valued.  It builds trust and lets us see that tackling challenges always brings a good result.


How Does It Work


  • Session for groups of 10 to 35 attendees
  • Videoconference Software (online sessions)​
  • Recorded session for your internal distribution (online sessions)
  • Post-event report
  • Break-out in groups to put in practice spaces of psychological safety


  • Experienced Fuckup Nights facilitator
  • Storytelling training and documentation: Global Speakers Manual and Fuckup Manifesto
  • Q&A guided by our moderators to generate learnings
  • Guided open discussion and conclusions
  • Communications and designs to generate internal interest


  • Customized design of failure and mindset talk to achieve your company’s goals


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