Corporate Events for Team Buildings

All our events can be live gatherings or online sessions.

What Do We Do

We use failure and the power of storytelling to create events that change the culture of work. We are present in more than 300 cities and 90 countries.

Why Do It

Failure Management

We tell the stories that make us stronger, helping create a culture that celebrates trying instead of stigmatizing failure.


Our contents facilitate a culture of transparency and psychological safety. We eliminate shame to turn it into accountability and autonomy.

A Culture Of Learning

Culture is individual behavior at scale. To transform your organization and its culture, we focus on taking individuals from a fixed to a growth mindset.

The fact that leaders of our organization share failures openly, showing themselves vulnerable, is the most valued.  It builds trust and lets us see that tackling challenges always brings a good result.


How Does It Work


  • An in-person or online event (or a mix with live streaming)
  • 90 to 120 minutes
  • Intro talk + 3 speakers and Q&A
  • Depending on your needs, stories from members of your organization or from our global roster

What’s Included

  • A fun intro talk to bring attendees to a growth mindset
  • Speakers coaching and manual on storytelling
  • Curation of speaker stories and presentations
  • Moderation introducing speakers and guiding Q&A
  • Design materials for your internal communications
  • Guidelines and ideas for a great event

Three Steps

  • Tell us what you want to achieve on a quick call
  • Get a content & format proposal in your inbox designed for you and your company
  • Co-create a unique event with a dedicated account manager


Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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