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A recap of 12 stories of innovators and some interesting insights about failure, discover the Fuckup Book. Download it now!

August 21, 2019
Fuckup Book |||| Fuckup Nights

It’s been 8 years since Fuckup Nights was introduced to the world!

And thinking about how far we’ve come, and all the cool things we’ve done over the years, brought us back to 2014, the year we collected and condensed our philosophy (and what we knew about failure and success) into a book that packs a punch: The Fuckup Book.

Drawing from our guiding light at the time, the Fuckup Manifesto ; it contained 24 chapters – one for each key stigma of failure addressed in the Manifesto.

For each of these stigmas, we wrote a short reflective piece, commissioned a funky illustration, and crafted a guided activity to help break free from them. That’s 24 chapters, plus 12 failure stories from now “successful” innovators – all designed so that people around the world can experience their own breakthroughs.

And, if you can imagine, back then we also published a limited number of physical copies. Like the mythological unicorn, they’re out there somewhere – and so rare, that even we don’t even have one (lol). So if you see one, consider yourself lucky, and send us a photo on social channels! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

And while the physical copies may be rare af, you’re in luck, because as a celebration of our 7th anniversary, we’re re-launching the digital version of the Fuckup Book for free! We promise it’s just as relevant as it was when it was first released.

Download it below!


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