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Fuckup Nights
March 9, 2020
Fuckup Nights Manifesto | Fuckup Nights

We have a presence in 300 cities across 90 countries

As the movement that helps people break free from the paradigms that limit their lives, we have a presence in 300 cities across 90 countries. We communicate a stance on how we should work as humans in society, how we should rethink and rewrite the “norms” that we’ve been working within for generations. It’s a complex mission!

Pepe Villatoro, Fuckup Nights Co-Founder, explains why it’s important to have our own manifesto:

“Thinking about how to share this experience and feeling with more people, I realized that other movements have manifestos that tend to be inspirational and somewhat utopical. I decided to create our own manifesto in a very fuckup way. A manifesto that would invite you to… fuck up, but also to let some societal limitations go.”

With 24 simple suggestions, the Fuckup Manifesto, created in 2013, has inspired our entire movement. This manifesto impacts the way we behave, how we share fuckup stories, the content that we create and how we help companies create safe spaces in which they can share and be free.

To illustrate the points, we want to share quotes from some of the authors behind the Fuckup Book (2015), a compilation of fuckups and reflections on the manifesto:


Get rejected

“Sometimes, it can be really tough to accept NO for an answer, and this is one of the main triggers of tantrums for both kids and adults. Realize that not trying something is the same as trying and getting a NO. The only way to get a YES is by making sure you try.”  –Leticia Gasca


Have a setback

“There is no greater lesson than the existential wake up call that comes from a setback, and what you build from that. It’s not that we have it out for you; misfortune, bad luck, a mishap, it’s simply the nature of existence.” -Tasha Russman, Diego Olavarría, Tatiana Maillard y Leticia Gasca


Get a bad grade

“It’s ok to fail despite your hard work. We all learn from our mistakes. Maybe that academic failure was the piece of knowledge you needed to get a good grade next time.”

-Tatiana Maillard


Get fired

“The concept of having a job “for life” doesn’t exist anymore. We’re aware of risks and financial responsibilities, but feels so good to tell your boss how you really feel and to leave a job where you’re not happy. Even if you actually get fired unintendedly from a great job, see point 2.” -Nicko Nogués


Lose a tournament

“We tend to bow before boring and unattainable perfection and high performance. Since we’re young we’re taught that life is a competition. We have to go from irrational “competitiveness” to intelligent “cooperation”.

-Lilián López Camberos


Jode el sistema.

“Fuck the right. Fuck the left. Fuck the manifestos. Fuck everyone who tells you “don’t do this, do that”.  Fuck your fears. Fuck machismo. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck the Fuck up. Fuck up the system. FUCK to EVERYTHING that doesn’t feel good. Send everything that you hate far, far away.” -Nicko Nogués


Perfection is rhetoric

“Rhetorical and boring. Without peaks or valleys, without challenges or goals, without cracks. Perfection is the ideal that encourages you, but failure is a great teacher.”

-Tatiana Maillard


Reach for the things you value

“Reflect on what you value, what truly matters, and ask whether it’s not just the subtle imposition of modern values.

-Lilián López Camberos


Keep it simple

“Seek to find the essence. Put all your attention and all your talent into the search, because when you find the essence, you’ll have (almost) everything.  Remember Occam’s Razor: the simplest answer is often the right one.”

-Nicko Nogués


You're probably going to fail

“Don’t freeze because of the possibility of failure. If you accept that possibility from the beginning, life will be more pleasant, new adventures and risks will be easier to take.”

-Nicko Nogués

If you are looking for recognition, stop

“Recognition should come from ourselves, according to our own expectations and definitions of failure and success.  And, after all, there will always be someone that doesn’t find you very charming.”

-Tatiana Maillard

If you take yourself too seriously, don't

“It just doesn’t let you fail or pass on to another stage of  life. To learn to fail with grace, it is fundamental to accept that you are just another human being among billions, and are imperfectly perfect, just like everyone else.” -Leticia Gasca & Pepe Villatoro

Be vulnerable

“If we never made ourselves vulnerable, we would always be in a state of alert, of fear: we would shut ourselves inside, barricaded away, stuck, paralyzed. In other words: we wouldn’t live.”

-Diego Olavarría

Laugh at your failures and share them with the world

“Almost anything tragic is susceptible to becoming comedy. All failures, with time, can transform into laughs. Transforming tragedy into comedy is the only way to protect yourself from it, and to let others learn from it with humor.” -Lilián López Camberos

Embrace your faults and lovingly help improve others

“Embrace your defects in an act of acceptance, not of conformity: you can always unexpectedly change direction. And if life gives you the opportunity to teach someone else, teach them to be better with tenderness, without putting them down.-Tatiana Maillard

Learn new things

“When you have a passion for something, curiosity moves you to learn, to experiment, creating a virtuous cycle: you try, (you maybe fail), you learn, you become an expert, you “succeed”, (maybe you go broke and are invited to Fuckup Nights to talk about your failure), you keep on keeping on”. -Diego Olavarría

Do one thing a day that scares you

“The fear of failing can become the cause of failure itself. This, in social sciences, is called “the self-fulfilling prophecy theory”. Fear paralyzes, it clouds the mind, limits vision, and causes us to make bad decisions.”

-Nicko Nogués

Be the person you want to be

“You have to realize that you don’t have to be all what society says. Be the person you want to be. Discover yourself.”

-Nicko Nogués

Go out and persist in the face of problems

“Persistence is, by definition, an effort. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job or for spiritual enlightenment: it will take hard work. But also badly applied persistence can easily become stubbornness, know when to stop.”-Diego Olavarría

Rise above conflict

“You can cry one day, but the next day you will have to get up and keep going, because the world keeps spinning. Spend some time alone to think. Walk, write, vent. Talk to friends. It is important to avoid self-pity. It’s okay to feel down, but it’s not okay to stop. See point 21.” -Tatiana Maillard

Don't stop until you get what you want

“If it’s about doing something you really love, exhaust all the resources and opportunities possible before giving up.”

-Leticia Gasca

Your true potential is unknown

“You know yourself, or at least think you do. The truth is, you never know if something could have been better. See point 16.”

-Lilián López Camberos

Defeat your ego

“The main reason we hide our failures. Without ego, you can be more compassionate with yourself, and remember that you’re only human when things turn out badly.”

-Leticia Gasca

Be bold and live to the fullest

“Enjoy the risk of doing things that you’ve never experienced before.  Every new project is a jump into the abyss. The kind of jump that only crazy people, brave people, and occasionally, also stupid people make.”

-Tatiana Maillard

So there you have it! The Fuckup Manifesto. And because we know you loved it, here’s a printable poster so you can hang it in your room for motivation, or in your office to trigger interesting conversations at work!

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