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The Corporate world is not that terrible and it's thanks to you

Failure can be powerful as a tool for innovation and transparency

July 10, 2020
The Corporate world is not that terrible thanks to you

Sometimes the headlines can make you think this whole world we got going on is burning down in flames. Sometimes things seem a little hopeless.

But change is possible, and we’ve learned that firsthand.

When we started this journey of having the uncomfortable conversations, this journey of living a life without filters, it wasn’t without its fair share of doubt and naysayers. We were the masochistic weirdos who liked to listen to stories of failure, and nobody really wanted to touch us.

When we started offering our Private Events (our corporate events), on average we’d only have one every three months or so. But then, something changed.

Fuckup Nights grew and grew. We found an audience. We found a community. And that passionate community full of people just like you began to strengthen our voice. It made us louder, and it made the corporate world pay attention.

Now, we’re seeing more and more companies wanting to share the failure. Companies wanting to create a safe space for their employees to be vulnerable. That makes us hopeful.

It’s no secret that capitalism run amuck plays a role in humanity’s self-destruction. However, we truly believe that making it a more vulnerable organism, and not rapacious and willfully ignorant, we can enact a more powerful change. That’s why internal champions are so important, and that’s why we try to empower those champions.

And it’s working.

What was once less than one Corporate event per month is now on average 25 a month, and growing. Where once we would struggle to get companies to even mention our name, now we have them saying things like:

This event was a great way to bring people together, and created a profound, genuine connection so quickly!


Opening with Fuckup Nights for our offsite went so well, and really helped to define the tone of the next few days…

Riot Games

The fact that leaders of our organization share failures openly, showing themselves vulnerable, is the most valued. It builds trust and lets us see that tackling challenges always brings a good result.

Daimler Mercedes

That means the world to us because we see doing private events as a means to enact the change we want to see in the corporate world.

So, thanks for sharing the failure in your little part of the world, and if you’d also like to bring a little bit of Fuckup Nights to your company, let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

With love and mezcal,

The Fuckup team

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The Corporate world is not that terrible and it's thanks to you


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