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What to expect from our Difficult Conversations online course

We describe the main topics covered in our online course on Difficult Conversations and the cases in which this course may not be a good fit for you.

Raquel Rojas
July 24, 2023
Introducing our Difficult Conversations online course

Are you tired of avoiding those tough conversations that leave you feeling drained and unsatisfied at work?

Difficult conversations can often be challenging to navigate, but fear not! Whether you're a manager, team leader, or simply seeking personal growth, join us on this journey to enhance your communication skills and create a productive yet harmonious work environment.

In this article, we describe the main topics covered in our online course on Difficult Conversations and the cases in which this course may not be a good fit for your organization.

What does effective communication look like?

When faced with conflict, it's essential to approach others with curiosity and listen to their perspective to replace destructive criticism. To satisfy this empathetic curiosity, asking questions and actively listening to the answers is key. This can greatly influence the agreements and trust that are built when sharing. 

It's important to note that the way a question is asked can have a significant impact on the response received. For example, "Where is the weekly report?" versus "What happened that you didn't turn in the weekly report?" will likely elicit very different answers. Throughout this course module, you and your team will learn steps to take to conduct difficult conversations in the most productive and empathetic way possible.

Radical candor

The concept of Radical Candor, also known as "Radical Openness," involves being honest and challenging others while genuinely wanting to help them improve.

In this module, your team will explore the significance of honesty and openness in the workplace. We will also delve into the concept of Radical Candor, which will revolutionize your perception of honesty.


In the workplace, honesty is an important principle that is shaped by trust and psychological safety. Sometimes, we may avoid being truthful to prevent hurting others, to safeguard our reputation, or to avoid negative repercussions from those in positions of authority. 

As part of the Difficult Conversations online course, you and your team will have the opportunity to learn four different methods for handling confrontations during crucial conversations and the potential outcomes of each approach.


The common understanding of consensus is that it is a process of achieving unanimity on a particular issue, often regarded as the ultimate objective of a discussion. However, it’s better comprehended as a process of collectively thinking, debating opposing viewpoints, and coming up with the most optimal solution. 

This module of the online course will help you and your team discover that some decisions may not necessarily be agreed upon by all involved, but they should be accepted and supported by the group. Also, voting in silence to avoid conflict is not the essence of consensus.


Opportunities for improvement can be identified through feedback, which provides guidance on how to address them effectively. Continuous feedback is necessary to make timely improvements that have a lasting impact, and it must be followed up on appropriately.

This module will teach you the significance of proper feedback in the workplace and practical tips for giving and receiving feedback.

When is our online course NOT a good fit for your organization?

  • You’re looking for an online course that’s deeply specific to the needs of your team

We believe in tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients, and we encourage you to reach out to discuss your organization's unique circumstances. We offer the tools and strategies that are the most relevant and applicable in the daily life of an organization, based on ten years of experience working with companies from a wide range of industries. We could get to know your organization in-depth through The Failure Survey.

  • You/your team aren’t interested in a self-driven method. 

Each participant chooses a pace that suits their schedule better, so there’s a lot of self-accountability involved for each 10-minute module and the final “test” activity.

In conclusion …

Our online course on Difficult Conversations is designed to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary tools and skills to navigate tough discussions effectively. Whether you are a team leader or an HR professional, this course offers valuable insights and practical strategies. 

For those organizations seeking to improve their ability to handle difficult conversations with empathy and assertiveness, our online course provides an excellent resource. 

We have other online courses which aim to build what we like to call Failure Culture:

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What to expect from our Difficult Conversations online course
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