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What to expect from our Psychological Safety online course

Find out the main topics covered and the cases in which this course may not be a good fit for your organization

Raquel Rojas
What to expect from our Psychological Safety online course

The idea of a space where you can be free to propose ideas, take risks, and be yourself in the office sounds fantastic. And for good reason. Psychological Safety is an excellent starting point to bring out the full potential of any work team.

In this article, we describe the main topics covered in our online course on Psychological Safety and the cases in which this course may not be a good fit for your organization.

Psychological safety spaces in the office

Psychological Safety is a stepwise progress that depends on different behaviors, and the work environment in which people perform. It is necessary to understand how it can change the configuration of work teams according to their behavior. In this lesson of the online course, you will learn about the different levels of psychological safety and how, based on this, work teams can be transformed.

Vulnerability and transparency at work

Vulnerability as a trait has been socially constituted as a negative and even shameful feeling, something to be avoided, repressed, or eliminated from our vocabulary, and worse, from our behavior.

In this module, we will learn about the advantages of vulnerability in workspaces and how transparency plays an important role. Students will learn about the effects of vulnerability at work and the consequences of mistrust in teams. This part of the online course also includes an analysis of transparency and clarity at work, as well as the repercussions of ego, leadership type, and people's reputation in teamwork.

Avoiding psychological danger in the office

In this module of the online course on psychological safety, we define what psychological danger is, what its consequences are, and what it looks like in the workplace.

We can assure you that fear in the office is a symptom of a work culture that hasn’t prioritized psychological safety. The silence of the people who make up a team reflects demotivation and self-protection.

We also discuss ways in which these phenomena can be avoided and counteracted by generating an environment of trust and DEI&A programs within the company, with effective communication and transparency, among other strategies that you will discover during the course ;)

Creating psychologically safe spaces

In this module of the online course, you will learn the importance of providing an ideal environment in the office and some tools to enable these spaces of psychological safety.

The first step in creating spaces of psychological safety is to understand and give proper importance to this concept. Through this online course, you will recognize that the actual challenge is to put what you learn into practice and open opportunities for this to happen.

Beyond understanding the concepts of vulnerability, transparency, trust, and communication, it is also necessary to apply them through good practices that can be carried out on a daily basis. Good practices are the shared responsibility of all the people who make up a team.

When is our Psychological Safety online course NOT a good fit for your organization?

  • You’re looking for an online course that’s deeply specific to the needs of your team

We can’t know the inside and out of your company and its culture in just a couple of weeks. However, we offer the tools and strategies that are the most relevant and applicable in the daily life of an organization, based on ten years of experience working with companies from a wide range of industries. We could get to know your organization in-depth through The Failure Survey as part of The Failure Program.

  • You/your team aren’t interested in a self-driven method. 

Each participant chooses a pace that suits their schedule better, so there’s a lot of self-accountability involved for each 10-minute module and the final “test.”

  • You/your team aren’t interested in learning the psychology behind your interactions

During the online course, students learn about the warning signs of psychological vulnerability and the importance of creating safe and healthy work environments. We provide clear and concise information about the different types of vulnerabilities -emotional, cognitive, and physical. Students also learn how to recognize and manage stressful situations in the workplace.

In conclusion …

Psychological safety creates an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of negative consequences, such as retribution or ridicule. A psychologically safe workplace enhances job satisfaction, talent retention, and employee engagement, which leads to higher productivity. Ultimately, a workplace that values psychological safety prioritizes the well-being of its employees.

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Fill out this form and make failure work for your company and the talent that makes it unique.

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What to expect from our Psychological Safety online course
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