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What to expect from our Innovation Workshop?

It is crucial to learn how to slow down and sit with the discomfort of failure in order to embrace innovation.

Raquel Rojas
What to expect from our Innovation Workshop? | Fuckup Nights

In our day-to-day work life, fear often takes the driver's seat. At Fuckup Inc we think it is crucial to slow down and sit with the discomfort of failure in order to embrace innovation. Many individuals and organizations, however, find themselves held back by the fear of the unknown. 

But fear should never be a barrier to exploring failure with curiosity and with our team’s support. After all, in order to transform failure into innovative solutions or improvements, we must look at it without shame.

In this article, you’ll discover the main topics that you and your team will benefit from during our Innovation Workshop and some cases where this workshop may not align with your company’s needs.

Fear vs. Innovation

The Innovation Workshop begins with an activity that sets the tone for the theoretical framework that we offer. You and your team will explore the emotions behind fear of failure such as shame and guilt, as well as the existing types of fear.

During this part of the workshop, you and your team will learn to bring awareness to these emotions, which will enable you to challenge your idea of failure in a safe container for vulnerable conversations. 

At Fuckup Inc, we see failure as a crucial part of the creative process that makes innovation possible. And it is only within a space of psychological safety that people will speak openly about what has gone wrong in the past.

Useful knowledge

Once your team has settled with the necessary change of paradigm around failure, you’ll learn how to transform lessons learned from past failures into opportunities for innovation. Information or data by itself is useless without the proper processes to alchemize them into knowledge that you will need to back up your decisions and manage failure in a proactive way.

Slow down to innovate

At Fuckup Inc, we’re firm believers in failing mindfully rather than failing fast. Capitalism does bring an unnecessary sense of urgency that comes from limiting beliefs such as the scarcity mindset. During this section of the workshop, you and your team will learn strategies to slow down, breathe, and see past mistakes within an initiative or process with the intention of finding those nuggets of wisdom that are necessary to innovate.

Resilience and moments of crisis

Let’s face it, trying over and over and over again without significant improvement is discouraging. During this portion of the workshop, you and your team will realize how resiliency is built as a team, and how to reframe moments of crisis. In turn, this will allow you to think outside the box together, normalizing the cycles of trial and error as natural parts of the innovation processes.

Barriers to innovation

Together as a team, you will discover that most of the main barriers to innovation are preventable and not so scary to tackle knowing your team has your back. Breaking free from these barriers will empower you to take action and boost your growth mindset.

A fertile ground for innovation

In this part of the workshop, you and your team will know how to nurture innovation by creating spaces of psychological safety where new ideas are welcomed, and trying them out will not result in any kind of punishment or loss of reputation even if they fail. 

In which cases is our Innovation Workshop NOT a good fit for your team or organization?

  • You are looking for a quick solution

We propose this workshop as the first in a series of five:

We recommend holding the Fear of Failure workshop as the first step towards building a Failure Culture that seeks tangible results in the short, medium, and long term. These results have to do with productivity metrics, talent retention, employee well-being, as well as employee engagement and commitment, and employee turnover. However, just like all our workshops, we’re dealing with taboo topics here. This brings us to another case where this workshop would not be ideal for your company: 

  • Your organization doesn't seem to prioritize the emotional aspect of work life enough

Talking about our emotions or fears can lead to rejection, causing people to avoid vulnerability in group activities.

Creating a safe space where employees can freely propose, test, and communicate ideas without fear, shame, or guilt is the first step to achieving a cultural change in your organization. This will benefit the company by nurturing a happier and more productive workforce.

The Innovation Workshop is offered separately or as part of The Failure Program, which is aimed at helping organizations embrace Failure Culture and use it to their advantage through vulnerability, authenticity, and creativity.

Be a part of our community as we cultivate an environment that fosters innovation and unleashes the undiscovered capabilities within you and your team. Simply complete this form!

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What to expect from our Innovation Workshop?
Raquel Rojas
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